Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TV Interview - Tea Party the Awakening


I’d like to share an interview with you, this interview is from a recent show that was filmed and broadcast in Arizona.  Click on the picture to start the video.  There are two segments on the show.

   WHY DO I WANT YOU TO VIEW THIS?                              .

1)    I hope it will peak your interest in the book, if you haven’t read it yet (or haven’t received it yet).
2)    I hope to convey to you, why I’m doing this – this book is about YOU – the Movement, and its purpose is to accurately depict the reasons for the movement and the people who are in it on a day to day basis. 
3)    I hope you will offer any ‘constructive criticism’ you may think of, I am very aware, that anything I say can have the possibility of a negative effect on you/the Movement.
4)   I’m going to ask you for something… (of course!)


For Shows that are accessible via Internet Streaming – where everyone can listen –AND where the format is a CALL-IN show.. I invite you to tune in.. because..
1)    Again, this book is about YOU – and the more exposure YOU can have to the general public, the easier it is to combat the misrepresentation that both the Established Media and Establishments in BOTH parties, put out about the Movement.
2)    I also want make sure that whenever I speak about the book, which also translates to the Movement itself, that there are Organizers out there listening, who can provide constructive criticism, as well as mentioning topics that are important.

OK, What am I asking from you ….?                                     .

I need your help, my goal is to GIVE this book to 3000+ Organizers throughout the country, to-date we have shipped out about 750 FREE books to Organizers… however, we have pretty much exhausted our database of leads… for example: Wisconsin has approx. 80 groups, we’ve only sent out 11 books to Wisconsin Organizers.  Michigan has over 100 groups, we’ve only sent out 25 books to Michigan Organizers.  (Tea Party, 912, AFP, Freedom Works, Independent Caucus, and other Liberty Groups)

IF & WHEN you feel comfortable recommending this book (FREE COPY) to other Group Organizers… please let us know if you will simply help us do that.  

Send an email to Chris Grant at and tell him that you would like to help us get the book out to other Organizers that you know. Some of you are already working with Chris to help us reach this goal – thank you!

In Liberty,
Brent Morehouse
949-929-4986 (cell)
God Bless 
PS If you have any problems ordering from our site, or have any other questions, please email

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